3 Ways to Promote Your New Website

3 Ways to Promote Your New Website

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Now that you have a website, you are ready to turn up the dial when it comes to promotions. Each page of your website should offer new opportunities to promote the services or products that you want to showcase to your potential clients. Below are three ways to immediately make an impact in promoting your new site:

Announce on Social Media

If your business or organization has social media accounts, announce your new website by posting a link! If you don’t have social media accounts, you should seriously consider becoming active on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This is where you can build a following and loyal client base.

Send an Email

Contact your current customers or mailing lists to announce your website, what it features, and how it will help customers moving forward. Don’t forget to include your new website url in your signature lines of your emails.

Print Promotions

When it comes to business cards, flyers, signs, ads in the newspaper, etc. you should always include your url. Make sure that it is prominent and easy to read. This age is digital and if you aren’t driving people to your website, they might not know it’s there!