When You Break Your Website

Morgansites Support blogIt is not uncommon for me to get an emergency call or email from a client who does some of their own website updating to ask for a reinstall of the latest backup because “something happened” and now the website doesn’t work.

Morgansites provides automatic backup of our clients’ websites as part of our normal maintenance with website hosting, no extra charge. Once your website is restored, it is time to figure out what happened that made the theme stop working in the first place.

The most common mistake is installing a plugin that is incompatible with your theme. There are some great plugins available from reliable programmers that provide additional design and function to your website. However, you need to check first to make sure the add-on will work with your theme and any other plugins that you may be using, as well as your WordPress version. Installation may result in a slow-down of your site’s load time, cause areas of your site not to appear, or expose your site to a security risk.

If you have an online shopping cart, down time can cost you sales.

Morgansites provides reliable hosting and maintenance of your website at an affordable price with 24/7 staff. We are here to help you maintain an attractive and active website for your clients, so that you spend can more time managing your business and less time managing your website.

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